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Bergstrom Automotive

Where You Get a Great Deal More!


Training Program

The Bergstrom Automotive Institute is a highly-structured, year-round curriculum based learning environment. The Institute is able to provide quality education and training for automotive persons who plan to enter today's growing automotive industry.

The Bergstrom Automotive Institute sponsors students interested in:

  • Automotive Maintenance
  • Automotive Collision Repair
  • ASEP Program (General Motors)

The Institute works with area Technical Colleges to provide the best training for our apprentices. 

Applicants accepted into the ASEP program receive a half tuition sponsorship along with a reimbursement which is paid out over 4 years after graduation if you are still employed by Bergstrom Automotive. Tools and uniform reimbursement from Bergstrom Automotive provided applicants remain in good academic standing. Also included with the program is a set of Snap-On tools valued at $2,600.