Bergstrom Volkswagen

Bergstrom Volkswagen has been selected as an authorized dealer to help affected Volkswagen owners and lessees with the TDI Settlement Program. We?ve been around since 1982, and we are thoroughly committed to doing all we can to take care of you and make things right.

Your Options

Volkswagen will buy back your vehicle at September 15, 2015, value (with mileage and condition considerations) or allow you to terminate your lease with no early termination fee.

Or, if you want to keep your vehicle, we will provide approved emissions modifications.
You will also receive a cash payment from Volkswagen, regardless of the option you select.

Bergstrom Volkswagen: Your Preferred Dealership

When the Customer Claims Registration launches, please select Bergstrom Volkswagen, so we can help make this process stress-free and send you important information.

Bergstrom will also host a reception when the Volkswagen corporate representatives arrives. A corporate representative will be at our dealership throughout the settlement period, authorized to make payments to owners who select the buy-back or lease termination option.

Which vehicles are included in the proposed Settlements?

The following 2.0-liter TDI engine vehicles are included and may be eligible:
VW Beetle 2013 ? 2015
VW Golf 2010 ? 2015
VW Jetta 2009 ? 2015
VW Passat 2012 ? 2015
Audi A3 2010 ? 2013 ? 2015

When will the emissions modification be available?

Volkswagen is working on an emissions modification for each of the cars listed above. EPA and CARB will need to approve any emissions modification before this option becomes available.

What am I eligible to receive under the proposed Settlements if they are approved?

If you own or lease an eligible vehicle, you have choices. You can opt for (1) Volkswagen Group of America (?VWGoA?) buying back your car if you own it, (2) terminating your lease without an early-termination penalty if you are leasing the car, or (3) if an emissions modification is approved for your car by EPA and CARB, getting VWGoA to modify your car?s emissions system at no charge. Each of these options includes a cash payment from VWGoA. In addition, pursuant to agreements with the EPA and the CARB, and as referenced in VWGoA?s settlement agreement with consumers, VWGoA has committed to paying significant amounts to remediate excess nitrogen oxide emissions and to invest in chargers and other infrastructure for zero emission vehicles.

If I am a former owner or lessee, am I eligible to participate in the proposed Settlements?

If you owned an eligible vehicle on or before September 18, 2015, and sold it before June 28, 2016, you may be eligible to participate. Likewise, if you were leasing an eligible vehicle as of September 18, 2015, you may be eligible to participate.

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