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Bergstrom Automotive

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Bergstrom B Green

1. State-of-the-art, efficient facilities incorporating Leadership in Energy and Environmental
    Design (LEED) principles in new construction.

2. We capture used waste oil and burn it to heat our facilities.

3. We embrace and comply with the Energy Star Program and have been the recipient
    of Energy Star Awards for conservation.

4. We use energy-saving light fixtures and reduce our lot lighting to security lighting
    over night.

5. We recycle and reuse water from our car washes (significantly better than washing
a car at home).

6. We recycle coolant and antifreeze.

7. We recycle tires, batteries, and scrap metal.

8. We crush used oil filters to prevent even small amounts of oil from being land filled.
    We then burn the oil to heat our shops.

9. We capture and recycle refrigerant to prevent it from escaping into the atmosphere.

10. We utilize low-water landscaping.

11. We capture and retain all surface water drainage on our campuses
      (at many facilities we have turned these into eco-friendly fountains).

12. We offer re-refined oil to our guests.

13. We control the temperature of our shops, showrooms and hot water heaters.

14. All of our campuses are smoke free.

15. We actively support and encourage our manufacturer partners in the production
      and sale of flex fuel, hybrid, and other alternative energy products.

16. We participate in conservation efforts in every market in which we do business.