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Bergstrom Automotive

Where You Get a Great Deal More!


What is Bergstrom Certified?

Every Pre-Owned Vehicle We Sell is Certified


1. Low risk.
We promise you that we will stand squarely behind the vehicle you buy with our exclusive Bergstrom Promise Pre-Owned Vehicle certification.

2. In depth.
We promise you that we have inspected a minimum of 123 separate parts of your vehicle.

3. Dependability.
We promise to repair or replace any unsafe or seriously worn part found during inspection - including brakes and tires.

4. Honest information.
We promise to have the vehicle's inspection booklet available for your review.

5. Flexible decisions.
We promise you a "no questions asked" 3-day/250 mile return privilege and a 5-day/1,000 mile exchange opportunity.

6. Safe driving.
We promise you a complete   history report  proving that your vehicle has never been "lemon law", "salvage" or "flood-damage" reported.

7. No cost.
We promise you that there will be no additional charge for this program.

8. Trained Professionals.
We promise you that your Sales Consultant and Service Technician will be highly skilled in meeting your needs.

9. Deep inventory.
We promise you a vast selection of the largest inventory of pre-owned vehicles in the state of Wisconsin.

10. Guest privileges.
We promise you extraordinary guest service in every way.

We believe that every Bergstrom Automotive guest deserves complete peace of mind when it comes to owning their vehicle, regardless of whether that vehicle is new or pre-owned. That's why we have created the Bergstrom Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Promise. Every Bergstrom pre-owned vehicle is 123-point inspected, reconditioned and certified to never have been deemed salvaged, flood-damaged or "lemon law." On top of this, Bergstrom pre-owned vehicle guests whose vehicles have not acquired five years or 80,000 miles of use also receive a 90 day / 3,000 mile (whichever comes first) limited power train warranty. Also know that your vehicle decision is "safe." If at any time within the lesser of three days or 250 miles driven, the vehicle can be returned, "no questions asked." Or within the lesser of five days or 1,000 miles, it may be exchanged for another Bergstrom pre-owned vehicle, of equal or greater value without penalty.


Why ever take the risk of buying a used vehicle from anywhere else? You are protected at Bergstrom. The Bergstrom Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Promise can mean years and years of trouble-free driving enjoyment.

*Many of our pre-owned vehicles are manufacturer certified.  Any vehicle that does not qualify for manufacturer certification is Bergstrom Certified for your peace of mind.